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A Dropout to a designer

People often ask me how I turned out to be a successful designer despite being a school dropout. So here is my story.

Seven years ago, I was an aimless boy who was struggling to get through my higher secondary exams. I did not have any idea about my career either. But that never stopped me from happily spending my time on bike races and hang outs with my friends. It is then that my brother told me about the evolving design industry. He suggested that I join the design Institute, BOBO School of Web, located in Tirunelveli; the Oxford of South India. 

I thought I never was an artist; hell, I can’t even draw a decent free-hand circle on paper. I decided to give it a try, so I joined, but only to find out my designs were appalling. I almost gave up. But I was totally wrong about myself. Every one has art in them.

Upon successful completion of my course in 2010, I got the opportunity of working alongside my mentor; a startup called TVLCORP. I was the third person there. That was my first battle; 14 - 18 hours designing a day for clients all over the world. Communication was not my piece of canvas and I’d feel like a superstar every time I handled a client call. Those were the most creative time I have ever spent. Startups are the best places for a freshers to explore and learn. Even better if you are doing what you love.   

In a year, I had transformed into a professional designer. Meanwhile, I had also developed a liking and interest for HTML and CSS, and would manage minor modifications myself instead of taking it to the development team. It helped me become well-versed in HTML & CSS.

That was when we also ventured into a web application for the community of web designers, but developing it without a fund was a struggle. That’s why we decided to move on and settle down with a job in a company that felt right. I Joined Zoho as a UI designer, and still serving, now as design lead for three different products.

Being a designer is my passion that I turned into my profession. Proud to be a designer.