Cycloop — Help regular cycle commuters to ride safe

Cycloop — Help regular cycle commuters to ride safe



With a mind boggling raise of 6099% in the last 40years, the current vehicular population in Bengaluru is at 67.22 lakh. 70% of this are two wheelers, while 19% are private cars. Its no surprise to see the average speed coming down from 35 Kmph in 2005, to 20 Kmph in 2010 to below 9.2Kmph at present.

All this means that a peak hour office commute of 10km would take somewhere close to an hour or even more on an average. While lot of Bengalurians hate these figures, (though they contribute to it) this serves as a compelling reason for many others to switch to cycling as a mode of transport for their daily commute.

Reduced travel time and personal fitness are some of the benefits enjoyed by those who commute to work on cycles. But when it comes to safety, neither the city road infrastructure nor the road sense of fellow motorists does any good.

Look for the pain points from their perspective of riding in these traffic heavy roads. Design a mobile product experience that appeals to these cyclists that helps in their daily commute.

Pain Points

  1. Traffic should be shown with taking the narrow roads into the case.

  2. Avoid signal options should be available.

  3. App should be able to find the narrow road than highways.

  4. It is always safer to maintain your distance from these big vehicles. More often than not — the drivers in these heavy vehicles have a blind spot on their mirrors. So less preference for Highways.

  5. It would be good If we avoid the road with construction site because the gravels is one of the main reason for accident, According to research.

  6. Try not to surprise the vehicle behind you by sudden turns. so step by step navigation should be available.

  7. Information about Distance, Speed, Burn calories which will be help to motivate the user to cycling.

  8. Direction should be say step by step in earphones.

  9. Fitness tracker will be nice to have feature.

  10. App for apple watch will be nice to have feature.


    Age: 25 - 50
    Occupation: Designer
    Gender: Male & Female
    Location: Banglore

    Design Solution

    1. Launch screen will be have one CTA, which is “Get Started”

    2. Once the user tap “Get Started” the app should be in a ready sate to mention the location to commute.

    3. If user allow the location, Current location will be identify as “From”location.

    1. User should mention the “TO” location to proceed further.

    2. Once user starting typing the location will be show as suggestion based on the alphabets.

    3. User can be add his “Home” & “Work” for this convenient of frequent use.

    4. Once user entered the “To” location Next button will be shown to proceed further.

    1. From & To should be shown in the map, On tap of it should be editable for the accessibility of users.

    2. “Where I am ?” should be indicated always for affordance.

    3. Based on the locations, App should be intelligently find the best route for cyclist.

    4. Traffic status should be shown upfront to user and it should show in different colour based on the traffic level.(I have followed the google map ideology here).

    5. Start button shown at the bottom of the screen to easy accessibility.

    6. Route filter have given based on the research criteria and it will be enable as default for convenient.

    1. Once user tap “Start” the next step navigation will shown at top of the screen.

    2. Time, Covered distance & Average speed will be show in the bottom of the screen that will help user to know the information about ride.

    3. Once user scroll the card, more info will be shown as Total distance, EST Arrival timeEst Average speed.

    4. Est Calories burn will be change based on the speed.

    5. Turn by turn navigation will be shown as full screen, If user tap on the top of the screen.

    6. Traffic area will be indicate as red color.(Mostly traffic area will be avoided based on the filters and intelligence).

    7. “Finish” button placed at the bottom of the screen for accessibility.

    1. Once user tap on “Finish” Summary screen will be shown.

    2. App will award the badge based on the distance & Time he rode the cycle, It will motivate him to ride more & get more badges, Based on the badge level app will enable some feature as goodies. Here I introduced gamification to user.

    3. Star Rating will also be there and each star will have 2Points, If user hits the 10 Points he will getting the first badge.

    4. Summary of the ride will be shown in the bottom of the screen.

    5. User can share the ride summary with his friends by tapping the share icon on the top right.

    8 Ride  Summary.jpg


    I have made basic prototyping for the clear understanding of the flow.



    Cycloop should be helpful for the users who is commuting to work by cycle, It will avoid the routes which has traffic, construction site. It will user the narrow roads which, heavy vehicles can’t travel, It ensure the safety of the cyclist.