Cycloop — Help regular cycle commuters to ride safe

With a mind boggling raise of 6099% in the last 40years, the current vehicular population in Bengaluru is at 67.22 lakh. 70% of this are two wheelers, while 19% are private cars. Its no surprise to see the average speed coming down from 35 Kmph in 2005, to 20 Kmph in 2010 to below 9.2Kmph at present.

All this means that a peak hour office commute of 10km would take somewhere close to an hour or even more on an average. While lot of Bengalurians hate these figures, (though they contribute to it) this serves as a compelling reason for many others to switch to cycling as a mode of transport for their daily commute.

Reduced travel time and personal fitness are some of the benefits enjoyed by those who commute to work on cycles. But when it comes to safety, neither the city road infrastructure nor the road sense of fellow motorists does any good.

Look for the pain points from their perspective of riding in these traffic heavy roads. Design a mobile product experience that appeals to these cyclists that helps in their daily commute.